How Do You Map Your Dream Business?

Do you have a message, but your connection with others, and your business growth, isn’t quite as effective as you had thought it would, or hoped to be?

But you do have a picture, a dream of what you want in and for your business.

You probably have a vision for your 2013 successes. What you’d like to see for your business.

And, you have some of the details about how you want to achieve that vision.

You are working hard, everyday, doing the things you have been told you need to be doing. You might even see it working for others.

But those things are just not working for you! This can be so discouraging!?! Right?

Let me ask you a question: Have you ever wondered what your business, or life, will look like at the same time next year? I often think about that for myself – with hope.

But… how will it feel if you get to the end of 2013 and have EXACTLY the same results you did in 2012?

The reason that your efforts are not working for you when you can see them working for others is that you may be missing a couple of key ingredients:

You need to decide that your Dream Business is going to happen. You are going to do this.

But how?

First take ownership of your actions. Responsibility for your business success is not something you can leave to the ideas of others. No one knows your business and vision the way you do. No one has that excitement, the passion, and understands this better then you.

This is why you must take matters into your own hands.
And, create your…


Strategy is the ingredient that brings all of the puzzle pieces together and gives them meaning. Strategy helps you build your foundation and have a place to leverage your business. Get noticed in a noisy world. Change your mindset.

Without the strategy, you just have random puzzle pieces. Not really having a method, or knowing how to put the pieces together.

Creating a plan feels like an overwhelming task to even think about. And, once you complete the plan, you might never look at it again. I know this because my first plan for a business was for a Church Conference Center – a huge undertaking.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming and something you won’t look at again.

Your plan will help you understand what Money Miracle activities you need to do each and every day to change the future of your business.

So many people quit right before they hit the success point in their business. I hope you won’t. Getting your message out, building your Dream Business, depends on you sticking with it. In order to stick with it, you need that strategy, a business map, for your vision.

It’s reality, hitting dreams to move you forward.

I won’t say that it’s all easy. Making big steps towards your dreams sounds great but it means making changes from the way you’re used to doing things.

Your task for today and each day then is to commit to going beyond mediocrity in everything you do.

Have you thought about your next steps and what changes you need to make to implement them?